Established in 1999
Address: Russia, Moscow, Nagornaya Street, 23/2
Phone: 8 (095)127-09-19

Curators: Valeriy Ayzenberg, Bogdan Mamonov, Liza Morozova, Anton Litvin.


photo video installation, Liza Morozova;

multimedia project, Ludmila Belova;

"Child's things"
installation, Polina Kulik (France);

"Hudson reflects New-York"
installation, Valeriy Ayzenberg;


"Wall music"
performance, Konstantin Adjer. Together with group "E-69";

"Latvija : Russia"
performance, Zane Matule (Latvia).Together with Max Ilukhin;

"History of art"
drawing, Bogdan Mamonov. "Halt! Who is that?" Festival of Young Art;

performance, Bogdan Mamonov;


"The Information banquet-performance"
action, Anatoly Osmolovsky (together with ESCAPE Program);

video installation, Galina Ledentsova;

"Last temptation"
project, Konstantin Adjer;

"Village season"
video installation, Vladimir Bystrov;

video performance, video installation, Elena Kovylina, Anna Abazieva;

"…in old times cavalier those madam… said thus, but she didn't reply…"
video installation, video performance, Galina Ledentsova, Vladimir Bystrov;

"Amateur photography"
group exhibition;


"The point"
project, Dmitry Demsky;

"The waltz for POLAROID"
performance, installation, Konstantin Adjer. By the participation of Marina Bebick;

"Data banks"
photo installation, Tatiana Arazyan. 2 International Biennale Gumri;

"Emptiness for beloved"
multimedia project, Vladimir Bystrov;

"Yellow butterfly"
installation, Valeriy Ayzenberg;

"Night butterfly&Wagner"
performance, Valeriy Ayzenberg;


"The Dead and Alive"
group exhibition;

"Beware of kids! or Bivis and Butthad are Here Already"
objects, video, Anton Litvin;

group exhibition, "Unofficial Moscow" festival;

"Visual Manipulation #21"
documentation of performance, Valeriy Ayzenberg;

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