"…in old times cavalier those madam… said thus, but she didn't reply…"
Galina Ledentsova, Vladimir Bystrov ("Emergency exit" group)

Videoinstallation of Vladimir Bystrov and Galina Ledentsova "…in old times one cavalier those madam… said thus, but she didn't reply…" is devoted to the dialog as a ritual. Authors are trying to overcome postmodernism estrangement and give opportunity for communication by the theatrelization and ritualization of life.

Name of the exhibition is the quatation from an ancient Japanese literature(Ise Monogotori) , man (V. Bystrov) depicted on the one of the monitors is reading aloud extracts from it.Woman silently listened to him is depicted on the second monitor (G.Ledentsova). From time to time characters are reaching out arms for a cup of tea or for cigarettes out of the still's bounds, at that getting from one screen to another. Installation is supplemented with a videoprojection of the reading text on the gallery's wall.

LEDENTSOVA (Galina Metelitchenko)

Galina Ledentsova graduated from Moscow Poligraphic Institute. Since 1983 she had worked with book design, multimedia, set design, painting and graphics. 1986-1987 -made a number of kinetic objects for a production of "What Happened after Salvation", costumes and decorations for a performance "I am Faust". 1990 -stage-manager at "INTERSTUDIO" theatre and lecturer at the International Studio of Synthesis & Animation Theatre (Tsarskoye Selo). 1990-1991 - the author of set design, costumes and puppet objects for a performance "Don Juan" (Grand Prix at the festivals in Lugano and Athenes). 1991 - a series of pictures, objects and drawings to "Stories about Lemons". 1992 - a series "Bird Stories". 1994 -fellowship from the Culture Ministry of Schleswig-Holstein (Zaitsau Castle). Since 1996 has been working with video art. The first video work by Galina Ledentsova was "Frog's Spring", shown among other works of the participators of the exhibition Emergency Exit", young artists of oInterstudio". -The exhibition took place at TV Gallety. The installation "Frog's Spring" was one of the best works at the exhibition.


- Moscow artists' exhibition (Moscow) 1987 - Moscow artists' exhibition (Moscow)

- A Girl with a Lemon. A16 Gallery (Zurich)

- Lemon Stories. Zur alten deutschen Schule Gallery (Thun, Switzerland)

- Life of Birds. Saagers Gallery (Zurich) Don Juan and Other Stories. Festival KYKART I (Pushkin)

- Video installation "Frog's Spring" at the exhibition "Emergency Exit", TV Gallery (Moscow)

- Video performance "Characteristics of the Cold" (Tsarskoye Selo)

- Video installation "For Maria Nikolayevna". Festival KYKART III

- Video installation "Frog's Spring II" at the exhibition "Keep Away from a New Guy!" (Pushkin)

- Video installation "Radio Theatre". Spider & Mouse Gallery (Moscow)

- Video installation "Vera Pavlovna's Dreams. A's Escape" Art Fair Moscow 98 (Moscow)

- Searching for Perfection , Tsarskoje Selo

- Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Tsarskoje Selo.

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