"Emptiness for loved"
Vladimir Bystrov
("Emergency group")

Videoinstallation includes four monitors placed on a circle and author's hokku by Vladimir Bystrov in the frameworks on the walls of gallery. A videoline represents the naked author who is running across from the monitor to the monitor. His each occurrence differs from previous, breaking off thus a continuity of space and a time continuum. An instant of stay of the running artist in emptiness between monitors - an escaping point of absence. In this vain aspiration running on a circle to change, open space and, probably to disappear - a position and existenсe of the artist at the same time.

Vladimir Bystrov

1969 - born in S-Petersburg

1990 - joined the S-Petersburg Thеatre Academy

Since 1990 - an actor in Theatre of Synthesis and Animation "Interstudio"

1995-1996 - worked in D.V. Pokrovski acting company, festivals in Australia and America

Since 1997 - taught at "Interstudio", member of Emergency Exit Group

Main exhibitions:

KUKART-III festival, Zapasnoy dvorets, Tsarskoe Selo "Let me be a beginner!", Reserve Palace, Tsarskoye Selo

International Workshop "Russia + Switzerland", Reserve Palace, Tsarskoye Selo "Instead of the Jubilee", Reserve Palace, Tsarskoye Selo

"Emergency Exit in Art-Collegium", "Art-Collegium" Gallery, S-Petersburg


"Between Earth and Sky", "Art-Collegium" Gallery, S-Petersburg

International Festival "KUKart - IV", Reserved Palace, Tzarskoe Selo

Reserved ways", Reserved Palace, Tzarskoe Selo

"Returning Home","21" Gallery, S-Petersburg

"Tea-house", "Spider @ Mouse" Gallery, Moscow

"Art-Moscow", the Central House of Artists, Moscow (photo @ videodocumentation)

"Media Art Fest-2000", Manezh, S-Petersburg

III International Festival of Experimental Arts &Performance Art, Manezh, S-Petersburg

"Quality of Cold" together with Gates art-group and Walcheturm Gallery (Zurich), 21 Gallery, S-Petersburg

The First Festival of Performance Art dedicated to K. Malevitch, Culture Center "DOM", Moscow

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