"Amateur photography"
group exhibition

The curators of this exhibition make experiment, trying to determine, what the art is - professional skills or perception? Whether an artist may dare to relax and to be just a man - family man, the tourist and to forget to choose the necessary foreshortening of shooting? Or his "reasonable eye" all the same will unconsciously arrange the picture on art canons ?

If in the fine art the genre of primitive has been legalized for a long time, whether the primitiveness in a photo is possible? The curators of an exhibition answer this question in the affirmative, considering a genre of the amateur photo as one more genre of the modern art.

Among participants of an exhibition, except for the members of program Escape were about 40 known modern artists: J. Lejderman, I. Salnikov and Н. Kotyel, G. Litichevsky, I. Valdron, TOTart group, and also several artists from USA and Israel.

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