Lena Kovylina, Anna Abazieva

Two videoprojects are against each other on the opposite walls. On the first projection announcer (Kovylina) is reading texts of radically left political direction (Lev Trotskiy,Mao Dze Dun, Michel Fuko and others).

On another wall is projection with announcer's (Abazieva) depiction reading texts of radically right political direction .(Adolph Gitler, Alexandra Dugin, Markiz de Sad and others) At that time when one side is reading, right side is keeping silence and on the contrary when right is reading, left is keeping silence. During reading each of announcer is drinking definite dose of alcohol after a while. Conception of right and left discourses result in destruction of its notions leading to an absolute confluence through sensually emotional and irrational experience.

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