"Look out - children! Or Beavis and Butthead are Here Already"

objects, video, ESCAPE gallery, Moscow, 1999.

Anton Litvin the artist that entered Moscow art scene in early 1990s was among initiators of the most radical trend of that period called Moscow actionism. In 1993 together with A. Brenner and B. Mamonov they formed a group "Without Name". The author of many street performances and activities and of the project "You are My Temptation" after a short break Anton Litvin recommenced his creative activity and presented the exhibition "Look out - children!". Having deliberately chosen the ESCAPE gallery as his new start place, Litvin clearly declares that his art is connected with the new generation.

And the exhibition "Look out - children!" confirms this. Litvin presents the world of child subconsciousness saturated with erotic reveries, violence and phobias. Images created by him originate from popular cinema ethics and mass media. Litvin is one of the few Moscow authors who are concerned with the problem of self-identification of the new generation in the post soviet environment. The artist regards Russia as some naked ideological field, a huge bosom longing for fulfilment and afraid of it at the same time. Behind monotonous dialogues of Bivis and Butthad the artist clearly discerns hollow roaring of new idols.

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