"Yellow butterfly"
V. Ayzenberg
installation, performance "Yellow Butterfly". ESCAPE gallery, Moscow, 2000

Valeriy Ayzenberg sticks to neutrality concerning various groups and styles. The source and material for his creative work are often his performance activities. The Exhibition "Yellow Butterfly" can be regarded at the same time as another documentation (photo, video, xerocopies) for his long-term performance meta-project "Visual Manipulations", as an all-sufficient exposition and as an installation for his slide-performance "The Moth and Wagner". After long experiments with his own image where the artist acts simultaneously as the Subject and the Object of an action, the performance "Visual Manipulations - 26" for the first time presents Another man, or to put it more precisely Another woman. The portraitures at the exhibition document separate stages of the performance, which represents a peculiar artistic violence over the image of a famous Tuvinian singer. Another character of Ayzenberg's performance is a moth, its "gray somnambulistic body" appeared as the object for artistic meditation of Ayzenberg which resulted in the slide-video performance.

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