Visit to Tsarskoe Selo together with Liza

"Discover Pushkin Inside of You!"

The tour comprises 7 excursions:

1. Welcoming the rise of the Russian Poetry sun

(or seeing it off - watching sunrise or sunset at a visitor's request). Accompanied by listening to audio records of "Eugene Onegin" performed by D.A. Prigorov. Feeding birds and animals in Ekaterininskiy Park.

2. "Casernes and Schools of Russian Poetry".

Excursions to the places which witnessed youth of poets belonging to the Golden and Silver Ages of Russian Poetry. Visits to Pushkinskiy Lyceum, and to Mariinskaya Gymnasia where A. Ahmatova studied and to Annenskaya Academy, which was attended by Gumilev. Visits to the casernes and quarters where many Russian poets served in their young years.

3. "Pushkin: High and Low Sides".

In the excursion you'll familiarize yourself with the counterculture of the town - you will see graphities and will have a chance to make some on the surface of your choice besides you will associate with local Bohemians. The excursion also includes cuts-free reading of "Gavriliada" at the monument to Pushkin. Over the excursion you can use roller-skates, skateboards or push-cycles at your choice or you can go on foot. Visit to a discotheque.

4. "Pushkin Here and Now":

а) Visits to the Modern Art Museum and the Museum of Tsarskoe Selo

b) A night spiritualistic seance with A.S. Pushkin (with a medium of Liza Morozova) nearby the Modern Art Museum of the town Pushkin.

c) Virtual meeting with Pushkin's spirit - via ICQ-talks with people using nickname "Pushkin".

d) An excursion to Ekaterininskiy Palace - the place where the performance АЕС (2000) was held.

5. "Pushkin without Covers" ("The Town Pushkin by Touch")

A night excursion performance held by Liza Morozova. You'll be given a happy opportunity to re-act the performances of Liza Morozova and to perceive the town Pushkin by touch, to cross it with your eyes blindfolded (baring is on a wish). Thus you'll be able to perceive the town in a new fashion, to sense it all over. (Possible variant is back to front). The excursion comprises a visit to the beach, park, the monument to Pushkin, the Palaces and the center of Tsarskoe Selo by request.

6. "Inter-Studio"

An excursion around the Reserve Palace. Visits to the roof and the attic, to the Reserve Gallery, the 4th room (a studio), the room of an artist Andrey Sevbo, to the rotunda and verandahs. Familiarizing with the creative work of an artistic group "Emergency Exit", visits to the places popular among the group members located nearby the Reserve Palace. You'll have a chance to see the evidences of the performances of all the group members - i.e. the tree of Constantine Adjer, the hollow of Eugenia Loginova, Sainte-Chapelle ruins - the site where the performance "A White Square for Eugenia" by Sergey Nikokoshev took place. You'll also visit the grave of the palace dog Lizka and have tea with the janitor of the Reserve (Vladimirskiy) Palace and listen to her telling about the history of "InterStudio", besides you'll try a national Buryat dish "posi" prepared by performance participants Vyacheslav Zubkov and Budlana Boldanova ("Emergency Exit" group). The excursion comprises a visit to the house of Yuriy Sobolev and Galina Ledentsova - the founders of "InterStudio".

7. The paths of Kukart (the excursion is parallel to the one called "Emergency Exit").

The course of the festival is reproduced - you'll be shown video records, festival evidences, places related to it and you'll hear eye-witnesses describing the events. You'll familiarize yourself with the topography of Tsarskoe Selo depicted by the contemporary artists, besides you'll visit the grave of the Empress's favorite dogs with the memorial by Igor Yoganson who was a poet, a sculptor and an artist. A visit to Yusupova's summer house ruins (the site where the performance of Tsaplya and Gluklya took place, 1997). Including nude night swimming in the ponds of Pavlovskiy and Ekaterininskiy parks (the site of performances by N. Zubovitch (a member of "Emergency Exit" group).

The prise of each excursion is 50 conventional units (c.u.)
Optional extras:

1. Dreams interpretation by Liza Morozova in the morning - 5 c.u.

2. Morning meditation with an artist Timophey Kostin (group "Emergency Exit") - 5 c.u.

3. Art-massage based on creative work motives of different artists (suppremathic, surrealistic, dada-massage, minimalistic, conceptual, etc.) performed by Liza Morozova - 7c.u.

4. Video and photo documentation of your stay in Tsarskoe Selo performed by Liza Morozova in artistic manner - 50 c.u.

5. Having a drink of vodka and smoking a pipe with the founder of "Inter-Studio" and of the group "Emergency Exit" Yuriy Sobolev at his place - 25 c.u.

6. Vodka from Liza Morozova's kiryalnik - 5 c.u.

7. A walk with Galya Ledentsova (the group "EE") and her long-haired dachshund Bassya around the parks of Tsarskoe Selo - 10 c.u.

8. Rejuvenation based on G. Ledentsova's methods at the pond (a reproduction of her performance which consists of picking up stones corresponding to the number of spent years, numbering them and throwing to the water) - 10 c.u.

9. Making a house of cards with Vl. Bystrov (taking part in the performance - house-card-making nude together with an artist) (duration - 3 hours) - 10 c.u.

All the procedures and excursions will be held at the personal assistance of an artist Liza Morozova and will include her comments and explanations.

Escape travel agency will provide you with anything you might need for accomplishing of this extensive program, thus you'll get unique devices and objets which will facilitate your meeting with Pushkin (such things as kiryalnik and a little table for summoning of Pushkin's spirit), also Escape will provide Internet access for virtual meeting with Pushkin.

A one-way trip from Moscow:
- by car - 35 $
- by train - 10 $ ("Deluxe" - 18$.)
- by plane - 50 $

Further trip along the route "St. Petersburg - Pushkin":
- by car- 7 $
- by metro, taxi bus - 0,7 $

1) In Tsarskoe Selo:
- in the hotel "Na Pavlovskom Shosse" - 6 $ ( per night)
- in the hotel of Architecture Veterans - "deluxe" 18$
- in the hotel "Kochubey" - "deluxe" - 50 $
2) In Saint Petersburg:
- in a hotel - 50 $
- at a place "Emergency Exit" group members - 10 $.

- in a restaurant - 25 $
- at a place of founders or members of "Emergency Exit" group - 15 $
- in the cafe "Ldinka" (the town of Pushkin) - 5 $ (per day)
- in the kitchen of the hotel "Na Pavlovskom Shosse" - on your own.

Maximum tour price - 975 $
(not including optional extras)

Excursions -350 $.; Fares -100 $.; Housing -350 $.; Board -175 $.

Minimum tour price - 449 $
(not including optional extras)

Excursions -350 $.; Fares -22 $.; Housing -42 $.; Board -35 $.

Groups are granted a discount.
Tour prolongation is possible at a client's request.