"Artistic Tours for Artistic Natures"

"In Place with an Artist or
Tour to the World of Real!

Escape Travel Agency

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Escape Travel Agency offers you a new kind of travel services - "In Place with an Artist" or "Tour to the World of Real"!

In the framework of an international program "Artistic Tours for Artistic Natures" we offer you to make unique tours of Moscow accompanied by famous Moscow artists Valery Ayzenberg, Anton Litvin, Bogdan Mamonov and Liza Morozova.

Where an ordinary tourist would pass burying himself in a map, ESCAPE guides will help you to discover such new sides of reality that mere mortals cannot imagine. Our tours would aid you to quickly regain abilities lost in the course of evolution, restore spontaneity of reality perception, feel life poignancy, gain a new vision.

ESCAPE Travel Agency - discover an artist in yourself!
A modern art is nothing but a travel agency, promising a customer a meeting with a Reality. Artists are just guides, bringing their wards to required destination. We have in view a tourist with imagination, thirst for adventures and discoveries. Escape Travel Agency customer is a person who will manage to make up stories during a tour, paint a reality in bright colors, be surprised at things and believe in impossible. Each travel is an initiation. A tour with ESCAPE group members is an initiation of tourist into an artist.

Scientific data: A human being has a whole set of sense organs: organs of vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch, pain, heat, cold, kinesthesia, vestibular sensitivity. First five organs are considered principal. Special sense organs are located inside the body. Brain receives signals from outside and inside, analyzes them and by means of reflex processes ensures a coordinated functioning of the whole organism. In antiquity, people had sharp senses of olfaction, touch, hearing, taste and vision as there were no such "artificial supports" as clothing, binoculars, radio, laser equipment and radars. It is known that a human being receives 90% of information through vision. In vision's absence sharpness of the other four sense organs is increased.

For the intensification of your perception, vision is excluded during all four "sensible" tours offered by the agency. We create strict artificial conditions in which a tourist is forced to use only one sense organ (by his/her choice). A special egg-shaped helmet blocking four from five basic senses is worn during a tour.

Price of one tour - 1000 rub. The tour cost includes use of helmet, earplugs, gloves, transportation, food, photography and video filming. Average time of one tour is 3 hours.


I. Smell!
Olfactory Tour "Moscow Smells"

Scientific data: The quantity of substance that a human can smell is one billion part of milligram per liter. However, we should admit that we have rather bad sense of smell compared with animals. At inhalation, molecules of volatile matters get to nasal meatus and then pass to the olfactory region, covered by olfactory fibers, constituting olfactory nerve endings. Stimulation by odorants is transferred to the forebrain where a smell analysis occurs. Children have well-developed olfaction, which tends to weaken after a number of years. Smokers have especially weak sense of smell. Continuous impact of smell causes adaptation and reduces sensitivity to it. The person almost completely stops to feel permanent smells of his clothing, skin, room and … a city.

1. Tour includes a visit to Moscow canteen or pelmeni snackroom, market, confectionery vicinity, pharmacy, waste dump, public institution, art gallery or modern art museum, public lavatory, zoo.

2. In the course of "Time Smell" performance tour, you can experience an unforgettable meeting with smells of your childhood, Soviet past and Present time. You can also define and analyze smells of different time of a day (by your choice). Real, associative and specially designed smells are used for this performance - Stolichnye cigarettes, Red Moscow perfume, incense, strawberry soap smells, etc.

II. Touch!
Tactile Tour "Moscow by Touch"

Scientific data:
we feel the shape, temperature and quality of the object when we take it in hand. This sensation is a result of stimulation of skin sense organs and motor muscles. An excitement from sense organs is transferred by nerve trunks to spinal cord up to the brain. An advanced skin sensations analysis is done by interaction of cortex of cerebrum cells (located mainly in the back central convolution). A motor analyzer cerebral part cells interaction result (a complex sensation) is called a sense of touch.

1. Tour includes visiting and touching of the Kremlin wall, Red Square cobblestone pavement, Tsar Bell and other cult sights, and also communication by touch with Muscovites in department store and "Moscow" bookstore.

2. Performances "Recognize the Place" (only for Moscow residents) and "Recognize the Object" where a tourist should recognize (his/her) location or an object, offered by guide.

III. Taste!
"Taste of Moscow" Tour

Scientific data: a human perceives four main kinds of gustatory sensations: sweet, bitter, salty and sour. Food stimulates gustatory organs- so called gustatory bulbs mainly located on a tongue and on a tunica mucosa of mouth. Tongue's tip has the most sensitivity to sweet, tongue's base - to bitter, a lateral part - to salty, areas located close to the tongue's center - to sour. Besides, food stimulates various touch organs, like the ones located on skin.

"Taste of Moscow" performance includes testing and consumption of dishes and drinks with names "Moscow", "Moskovsky", "Stolychny" jointly with a guide artist: drinking up beer, cognac, vodka of the same name with Moscow sausage, spice-cake, ice-cream and cake "Moskvichka" at the former "Moscow" hotel, former "Moscow" swimming-pool, "Moscow" cinema, "Moscow" bookstore. The tour program also includes licking of Moscow snow and icicles at Moskva River.

IV. Listen!
Auditory Tour "Moscow, How Much is in this SOUND…"

Scientific data: the most low-pitched sound perceived by a human ear is 16-20 oscillations per second. The highest pitched sound is 20-24 thousand oscillations per second. Only a bat can hear ultrasound.

An auricle is a funnel allows picking up sounds better. As person hears with two ears, he can easily locate a sound direction.

Cochlea is the most interesting sound-perceiving apparatus of the ear. It is filled by 24 000 superfine fibrils of different length, like a piano strings. Each of these fibrils resounds at a certain pitch of tone. This causes the electric excitement of the finest endings of auditory nerve.

A tour includes listening to:
- peal and striking of a chimes;
- subway, Arbat, market, "Moscow" bookstore;
- poems and songs about Moscow by audio player or live performance by an artist guide;
- guide stories about Moscow related to the modern art world, ESCAPE group and her personality by communication tube.
- Games on fresh air with an artist guide, finding a way by ear.
- Photography and video filming of a customer by ear.
Real, associative and specially created sounds are used for this performance (for instance, a tourist might hear summer sounds in winter).
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