"ESCAPE Travel Agency-5",
performance, installation. Exhibition "Accomplices. Collective and Interactive Works in Russian Art of the 1960s-2000s", The State Tretyakov Gallery, 1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow;

In the course of this project a real travel agency was founded with a support of “General Travels”. Artistes from Escape Program offered an exclusive tour program to various places of Moscow for the 1 Moscow Biennale guests that included joint art actions (performances) with a customer. A goal of artists who acted as tour-guides was to change the viewers’ consciousness. The authors’ idea was that during a tour some kind of initiation had to occur resulting in a spectator’s transformation into an Artist.

New version of this project was more minimalist, more nonspectacular than the last one. The exposition was not a copy of real travel agency office but only informed how to order tours. The installation included 4 special egg-shaped helmets. Each helmet had a hole for one of sense organ (nose, mouth, eye). During the excursion a viewer put on a helmet blocking his vision and 3 other basic senses except one which was a focus of this excursion.

(click the picture to look it through)

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