The cost of the tour is 1841 USD. Visa, airfares, transfers, hotel room, insurance are included in the given tour cost.

First day:


1. An excursion to the German cemetery. Performance "Search for Mutual Friends".
2. A trip to Nemetchina: German sloboda, Lefortovo, a small restaurant "Anna Monce"
3. Lunch at the Coffee House "Moscow - Berlin"
4. A visit to an automobile museum among the exhibits of which there are cars that used to belong to Eva Brown, Hitler and Hebbelse.
5. Dialogue "East - West". A performance at the Berlin Wall fragment reconstructed in Moscow.
6. Visit to a studio of an artist of German origin.

Second day:

1. Walking excursion around perimeter of the Kremlin. (Photo performance).
2. Red Square, performance "A Red Stone" (painting one of the cobblestones in red color).
3. Sadovoe ring road. The performance "Seven Roundabouts along Sadovoe ring road by car with a dog".
4. The performance "Measuring the distance between two ZERO kilometers".
5. Bulvarnoe ring road. The performance "Ski Race".

Third day:
"High Rise"

1. Observation ground. The performance "Microscope".
2. Kabakov's studio.
3. Coming out to the roof. (Photo performance).
4. Neskuchniy Garden and Yellow Bridge (walking).
5. Sobornaya Square (A repetition of the performance "New York". Meeting artists of the group "SUMMER".
6. An attempt to dine in an Institute students canteen (a performance).

Fourth day:

1. Moscow monuments (the theme is chosen by the client). The performance "Laying on Flowers".
2. Eliseevskiy delicatessen. The performance "Test Purchasing".
3. Pushkinskaya Square (a tale about the performance "Pushkin Changes his Address").
4. A visit to Berlioz's House (a character from the novel by M. Bulkgakov "Master and Margarita".
5. A Museum Home of a Russian writer chosen by the client. Lermontov - Chehov - Gorkiy - Pushkin - Esenin - Tolstoy - Dostoevskiy - Mayakovskiy.
The visit includes text readings in original (performance).
6. A visit to Ethiopian restaurant (a performance by Liza Morozova "Discover Pushkin inside of You"

Fifth day:

1. A trip to the Museum of Folk Art of B. Arkhipov..
2. A visit to the House on Furmannov (historical information).
3. A visit to the House on Trekhprudniy (historical information).
4. The museum of Public Catering (a performance).
5. A trip to ESCAPE gallery.

Sixth day:

1. A wedding ride for two (video performance).
2. Moscow State University – aimless wandering (photo performance).
3. Feeding of pigeons near the Danilov Monastery (a performance).
4. The Exhibition of National Economy Achievements - a survey of Stalin period decorative architecture.
5. Night club (for choice):
- bandits’
- gays’
- striptease
- students’
- other

Seventh day:

1. Spending free time under secret observation.