video installation. Exhibition "7 sins". The Museum of Modern Art/Moderna galerija, Lublyana, Slovenia

ESCAPE today is a collective body, a single organism, within which each member preserves their autonomy and personal individuality. We are certain that the combination of these specific autonomous personalities is as strikingly unique as each of their respective contributions.

The artistic process has for us its own value. But it unavoidably gives rise to an artistic product, and that, in its turn, gives rise to the art market, which robs the artist of their individuality. In this way, we forge our own shackles.

Therefore, for us the product of an artist is not important, only what he does. Only the effort, not the direction of that effort in a pragmatic direction, has a lasting value for us. Only the present is real to us.

The archive is the ideal form of artistic product – directed towards the past. It nullifies the living current of creation and creates a false impression of meaningfulness. Therefore it must be destroyed. Underlining in such a way the pointlessness of our acts, we underline the absolute value of selfless human endeavour, which for us is art.

The theme of the collectivity is one of the most central in the ESCAPE oeuvre – and consequently developed in the projects “XI.IX”, “Beauty Free”(2002), ”Quartette”(2003), ”Quarter’onka”(2003),”Vertigo”(2004) closely connected also with the problems of adequate communication, human loneliness and mutual alienation. The project “4/4” continues the analysis of the group as a phenomenon and makes a model of the creative of the group. On each of the 4x monitors, one of the members of ESCAPE carries out everyday, yet bizarre activities. However, the simultaneous efforts of the three members do not have any result, until the fourth member joins in. This member’s participation completes the circuit and makes the system dynamic. An artistic product emerges – an archive, which is immediately subject to destruction.


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