installation. "Metaphysics of hope" exhibition, Arsenal, Kremlin, Nizhniy Novgorod.

The “Dizziness” Project represented a box upholstered with sheet iron where only one person could enter. When pushing a head in hole in the ceiling, a spectator got to a room with walls made of four screens with video projection of images of four artists, members of ESCAPE Program. At that a room’s floor turned into a table at which giants were sitting and where spectator’s head was placed like an odd fruit. Artists at a table continuously talked to each other. A sense of this strange conversation inevitably escaped from spectator. A conversation was accompanied by ordinary and at the same time queer actions of interlocutors – scratching, coughing, cutting marrow and so on.

Concurrently just one spectator could observe all happening, however, personally becoming an essential part of it. A “Vertigo” Project is a continuation of major motives of ESCAPE Program creative work, first of all, “Quartette” project (2003).


The main theme of “Dizziness” project is a person’s loneliness in a world. Modern art has to establish a fact of growing disconnection of artist and spectator. This makes us to address our works to a separate spectator, or better to say, a particular individual: to a person.



A spectator is not a stranger at whom we are looking from a pedestal but is the one of us. But even such measure does not help to overcome alienation; a dialog turns out to be fundamentally impossible even between us, artists.



Ironed bunker is an internal space of the artist, the sanctum sanctorum, and a “kitchen” which is carefully protected as a place of sacral reproduction. Still, when a spectator like a pilgrim in search of sense turns to an artist, he finds out that sense remains inaccessible neither for him, nor for artist himself. Maybe realization of this sad circumstance will help artist and spectator to stir up sympathy for each other.


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