performance. International Fair "Art Manege", Manege exhibition hall, Moscow, 2001.

The acting of the ESCAPE program on the art scene is similar to the action of a computer virus in the net. ESCAPE finds the gaps within the system, occupies them and thus commits a communicative act of terror. That's why ESCAPE go for their interventions during large commercial events, such as "Art Manege". During the "Interview" action the members of the program, armed with improvised microphones made of old torches and children's balls, were interviewing the leading representatives of the art community right on the opening day of "Art Manege", asking their opinion of the exhibition. After that the artists "disarmed" themselves right in front of the public, disassembling their requisites in pieces and disclosed their not belonging to the world of mass media. Thus, during the Manege performance the members of ESCAPE usurped the place of mass media, turning into mediums and interrupted the information flood in a one separate sector of the system.

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