"BOUTIQUE ESCAPE". Installation, performance,
"Art-Moscow" Fair,
April, 2001.

In the course of the "Boutique ESCAPE" project the artists Lliza Morozova, Valeriy Ayzenberg, Anton Litvin and Bogdan Mamonov exhibited and sold their personal belongings.

The aim of this project was criticizing the mechanics of the art market, which, according to the ESCAPE artists, puts for sale images and contexts. Selling personal underwear and bits and pieces from their pockets amidst Moscow commercial galleries, the curators of ESCAPE wanted to emphasize that true art is the artist himself and this art isn't sold!

The ESCAPE members claim: "We are living - we are art". But any piece of art above all things is a generator of interpretations. And what is interpretation in case the artist declares himself a piece of art? Apparently, the interpretation here is the artist's image, or more precisely, his brand - the clothes he wears, the items he carries in his pockets - so, everything what makes his "outer shell".

A piece of actual art needs an approval of its own existence, and by virtue of this circumstance it gravitates to a frame, to a gallery, to a museum.

There, in the expositional field, the art clothes with an interpretation for it gets the context. Without all this it feels naked. If we withdraw Warhall's soup tin from the museum, it would become barely a tin. The same is true about the actual man: he is a sum of his belongings, he is unreal without them and starts feeling ashamed.
However it is a wrong feeling: the bareness should be carried openly and meekly. Art should get naked, believe in its own reality and reject contextuality!

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