"An artist perished under his painting in the result of an explosion on the eve of the opening day ",
total installation, Art-Moscow Fair, Central Artist's House, Moscow.

On the 12th of October 1654 at 10.15 three huge explosions shook Delft, the famous town of artists which great Vermeer himself originated from. A gunpowder store, which exploded without any visible reason, destroyed a third of the town. Houses and temples were on fire for two days. For two day the canal Aude Delft was a mirror for fire flames. There were many victims. Among them there were three artists. Their names were Van Ester, France Peck and an apprentice of Rembrant called Carelle Fabricius.

Later there appeared a legend mentioned by Peter Greenway in his lecture "Five Duch Films Produced in Imagination " (Utreht, 1988).

According to this legend the tragic event in a sorrowful and dreadful way was prepared by artists themselves. In order to get rid of competitor but the main idea was to stimulate the art market.

The survived artists of Delft not losing time started making good money depicting the grim scenes of the tragedy.

What conclusions can we make on the basis of this legend?

Firstly - the art market as a symbolic one still presents a prototype of any other market. And it becomes clear that a market requires some tragedy.

Secondly - an artist's irresponsible attitude to his own creative work may cause a tragedy, but the artist himself becomes a victim.

It directly concerns the current situation.

We have to admit that the explosions, which shake our towns, are of avail to authorities, financial capital and the society …

And we have to admit that we are also responsible for what is going on.


The project is dedicated to the theme of an artist's responsibility for his creation (work)

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