fotoinstallation, exhibition "OK, America!". Curator: Peter Noever. Gallery "APEX", New-York, 2004.

This is a project about a man. The little man.

The little man, maybe, is the most important theme of the Russian culture, beginning with Gogol. He is neither rich, not poor. This man is not too intelligent, but he's not stupid either. No-one knows him and he does not have any distinguishing characteristics. Every morning he goes to work, and in the evening he comes back home.

Nowadays in Russia, as well as in the rest of the world, the little man is a clerk, a cypher in a gigantic net of information.He is the victim of a system of coercion, he's an innocent lamb unwittingly wandering to his slaughter.

However, he has Something. This 'Something' - his private space - is a small zone of freedom in a shoreless desert of post-industrial society. This space, and it alone, allows him to remain a human being as long as he stays there.

But that will not suit the Powers that be. That's why they think of more and more perfect means of control, diminishing private space of the little man to the bare minimum.It is likely that this control will soon become total.

But that worries us. Because it's only our private space that remains the zone of freedom in a contemporary world.

Only here we can sleep, put on socks, make love, squeeze spots, defecate, crawl around the floor, vomit, pick the teeth, cry and do art.We want to do that..
Please, leave us alone.


Photoinstallation consisted of 10 pictures placed on the wall as if raised hands of a man yielding himself prisoner (hands up). Each picture represents one finger and a scene from an exceptionally private life of a "little man".

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