"Quartett". Exhibition "Paradise in bunker"
Bunker under Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Quartett in Paradise
Anastasya Mityushina

Escape program ( Valeriyj Ayzenberg, Anton Litvin, Bogdan Mamonov, Liza Morozova), founded in 1999, is one of the most extraordinary and peculiar art unity on the Moscow art-scene. Every participant has his own activity in the art-field, being an artist, curator, critic or designer. Nevertheless they don't refuse from collective activity. As to be united means to have a suitable way to demonstrate your own principles, different from the laws of existing art-system , effectively. In most projects Escape, looking for alternative, analyses and criticizes current art-system, that stopped developing, and the art it produces.

In QUARTETT escape-artists disclose popular global myth, based on the belief in the possibility of absolute fading of differences between people in total communication. They give a new point of view on the problem of cultures' interaction, on the possibility of adequate communication between West and East.

No doubt we see in the Others first of all ourselves. That's why culture, in contradiction to usual opinion, doesn't play the role of a mediator in communication, but rather is a barrier. Understanding is only possible through the individual extra-effort, that the viewer has to make. The aim of Escape program is to make individual's rapt attention active. In this project viewer's attention is demanded at its highest level.

Only person who is able to catch the difference between the process of execution that he can watch and the sound that he can listen to - to tell Beethoven from Shostakovich, comparing the picture and the sound, - can apprehend the work QUARTETT sufficiently. In this gap, between execution and result sound, art exists.

As for other viewers: they always have an opportunity just to listen to good music.

It's exactly the individual extra-effort as the guarantee of real mutual understanding that Paradise under Alexanderplatz is based on. Net-connection between artists and curators from different countries and open collective discussions provide an opportunity to ask questions for better understanding. So the bars national, institutional, thematic are broken. An alternative art, art of the future is emerging. However alternative approach, which needs a long time approbation, can hardly be found in its product at first sight. So it's rather useful to demonstrate it as it is. That's the reason that QUARTETT, forethought in 1999 and made in 2003 for Workshops of Art-Moskva, is present in Paradise.


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