"Where the wind blows", performance
"ArtKlyazma" festival, the boarding house "Klyazma Reservior", Moscow region

The project "Where the wind blows" is devoted to the actual position of an artist, who has to serve to a Big Sponsor and his capital. The project criticizes the situation, in which art has to sell itself again and presents a real strip-show, performed by professional strip-dancers at the "ArtKlyazma" festival. The pole used by them is also a working weathercock, showing the direction of the wind. On the special floor where the striptease is performed there is a picture-portrait of President Cleveland from the rare dollar bill of the highest denomination of $1000.
This image - an allusion of Big Capital - is a nonspectacular element of the project.
The ESCAPE program is the weathercock that diagnosis and reflects the situation, inevitably being a part of it. As it is stated by Baulldriard in his book "Seduction" any movement, that believes in the possibility of undermining the system from its basis is naive".
According to the members of the ESCAPE program it is not as naive as wily, for the criticism of the system is one if the most effective strategies for obtaining a niche inside this system. This ambivalence perhaps is the chief problem of the new vanguard art.


"Standing out against this background was a performance of the ESCAPE group "Where the wind blows", which seemed to be an only statement at the festival. Two half-naked girls were "working" for two hours around a pole (which was also a weathercock) fixed on the beach. The dance floor for them was a picture of an American president from a thousand dollar bill. The critical message implied was as follows: "Here you are - get stuffed! If you don't want art, but want shows - look at the nude chicks."

Maria Kravtsova "A fire in the outhouse, or an act of bravery in the ice", "Art Chronicles" #5, 2003.

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