"Pirates", installation & performance
International Fair "Art-Moscow", Central House of Artists, Moscow, 2003


The project was focused on the problem of "piracy", and the performance itself was as follows: the artists of the ESCAPE group exhibited a "pirate copy" of "Art Moscow"-2003 on their stand.
The exposition included a number of tables (stands), resembling those used by the local sellers to sell CDs.

On these tables there were photocopies of all works exhibited at the fair, sized 10X15, each stuck on a bar of wood. The prices for these "works of art" exceeded the prices for ordinary pictures or postcards, but they were much cheaper than the original works, and amounted to RUR 100.

On the background wall there was a large picture panel made in a realistic manner that depicted famous works of Moscow artists flying in the wind across the pirate flag.

Thus, by means of this project ESCAPE has ironically positioned itself in Moscow art and at the same time touched upon acute problems of today's market, such as the problem of copyright s etc.

The ESCAPE program project is a kind of a pirate den, where the photoreproductions of the major hits of the fair stuck on the wooden bricks are sold for peanuts. The ESCAPists, making an ironic dumping, proudly insist on the gravity of their anti-market views. For them, the fair is a place for the demonstration of full autonomy from its strict laws.

"Russia as the subconscious of the West", Fyodor Romer "Weekly Journal" #16(67), 28.04.03. - 04.05.03, pages 62-65.

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