"They Know and Love",
installation, Art-Moscow Fair, Central House of Artists, Moscow

In the project "They Know and Love" as in a number of previous projects ESCAPE works with the theme of advertising in an ironic aspect. As it is known, the most part of created advertising is aimed at "special audience", a particular, as a rule "average" and sometimes mythic client.

ESCAPE program placed 5 banners in different parts of the exhibition hall during the Fair "Art - Moscow 2002". The information contained in banners was aimed at a very limited group of people. Texts presented separately on the banners together contained a message which a spectator could perceive only after having seen all the banners i.e. after walking around the whole exhibition hall. Four banners contained the names of famous Moscow critics - Ekaterina Degot, Alexander Panov, Andrey Kovalev and Nikolai Molok. The fifth banner had an inscription "They Know and Love".

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