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The last Russian event and the biggest one of my program for Elverket Theater (New stage of The Royal Drama Theatre) took place on the 17 and 18 of November. Everything went well. Liza Morozova and masha_sha arrived from New York (thanks to Thoams Lundh, co-curator and producer of the event). Xenia Nikolskaya brought her photographs from St.Petersburg by boat.
We use the advantage of Elverket stage (stage design for “Chaika” by A. Chekhov). It was as if specially constructed for masha_sha’s video installation “My Mother”. Looked super expensive!
Liza Morozova was totally concentrated before her naked performance “Identification”. Audience got really exited – look at the picture below…
Russian department of Swedish radio made 10 minute reportage which you can listen here at Swedish Radio http://www.sr.se/cgi-bin/international/nyhetssidor/sandningsarkiv.asp?date=22.11.2007&programID=2103
(do it fast – as I understood they keep materials only for few weeks). You should go to 22 November program at 15.00 and the reportage is in a second part of the program.
I guess with this event I managed to show new names (for Stockholm) as it was planed – more female than male – and that was my intention too.

Elverket web page: http://www.dramaten.se/default.asp?id=4077
Photographs of Liza Morozova performance (made by Xenia Nikolskaya):
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On the 2nd of November our curatorial team WIRE (Critical Writing and Curatorial Practice group at Konstfack, Stockholm) made our first exhibition. The exhibition was a result of one week workshop with curator Cecilia Andersson.
Coming from different backgrounds with various experiences in critical writing and curatorial practice, including dance, music, crafts and design, photography and video art, philosophy and doing cultural events, we created a patchwork of visual expressions of where we are coming from. Our methods, research tools, perspectives, positions, motivations, references, visions, expectations and influences turned into a spatial installation. Wires cut through the room, creating conceptual connections between the individual participants’ material, at the same time altering the physical space.
A curator’s or writer’s efforts are never impersonal, hence the variety of idiosyncratic material on display. There were no names attached to the exhibits though the installation is arranged by each individual’s clusters of material. We wishes to show the assets of the group rather than expose our separate paths.
Participants: Annika Enqvist, Theo Ringborg, Anna Kharkina, Elisabet Euren, Johanne Nordby Werno.
Performance by Jacquelyn Davis.

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curatorsВ studio2curatorsВ studio3
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