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Russian pavilion opens at biennale in Venice


                              MOSCOW, June 10 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian pavilion opened at the biennale in Venice today. Russian curators selected two projects for the biennale which feature dialectics of relations between the artist and audience, the web site said.

An interactive video installation called "Too Long To Escape" offers a kind of a game with the artists. The artists move towards the public at a speed proportional to the number of visitors entering the room. The more visitors enter the room, the higher the speed is.

The Russian avant-garde, particularly Kazimir Malevich's Red Cavalry, inspired its creation. The authors raise the question whether interactive practice was a mere simulation of dialogue concealing people's loneliness.

The second project selected for the Russian pavilion – an air and sound installation of Nizhny Novgorod artists Sergei Provorov and Galina Myznikova titled "Idiot Wind" – is a sophisticated engineering device. It generates wind that blows over the visitors and as a result they become increasingly dependent on the increasing energy of air flows. The project develops a new art strategy based on the interaction aesthetics and striving for appealing to sensory and psychosomatic perception.

The Blue Noses group (a project of Siberian artists Vyacheslav Mizin and Alexander Shaburov) is to present a performance "Salute" at the opening ceremony of the Russian pavilion.

The exposition will run until November 6, 2005.

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